Tribute to Edwina Hannaford from Councillor Hilary Frank

2 Feb 2024
Edwina Hannaford

So deeply saddened to lose my dearest colleague, Cornwall Councillor Edwina Hannaford, after a prolonged struggle against a particularly aggressive form of cancer.  
Her Lib Dem family will miss her profoundly, but her impact will continue to inspire, and her legacy of love and advocacy for community will forever endure. 
Ed was a councillor on Looe Town Council for more than twenty years, serving as Mayor of Looe and being a true champion for her residents. In recognition,  she was granted freedom of Looe last year.
She was first elected to Cornwall Council in 2009 representing Looe West and Lansallos, and won every election she stood in since then. She was the cherished and vibrant Leader of our Lib Dem group on Cornwall Council until cancer claimed  her.
As well as community, her other  guiding passion was the environment, and she delivered many signature policies during her time as Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and Planning between 2013 and 2017.
As a 'newbie' to Cornwall Council when I was first elected in 2013, Edwina was the lady who supported and inspired me. A cherished role model for me as well as for countless others.
She never hesitated to stand up for what she believed was right, and fought with every ounce of energy for Cornwall's residents, in the same way that she battled the wicked disease that has taken her from us. 
Here in Saltash, Edwina was instrumental in delivering the art installations at Saltmill when the former rubbish tip was transformed in to a public park in 2008. Think I'll head there for a wander this afternoon to pay my respects and give thanks that I had the privilege of knowing Edwina, beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.