Tamar Ferry
Tamar Tolls

Tamar Toll Vote

Only the Liberal Democrats support the principle that the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry should be fully funded by central Government so that the tolls can be abolished altogether.

28 Feb 2024
GDP 2023 and 2024
Colin Martin

Rishi's Recession?

In 2010, SE Cornwall elected a Conservative MP who told us that the only way to avoid economic collapse was to drastically cut public spending. In fact this policy strangled growth, so debt continued to rise, whilst public services began to crumble.

19 Feb 2024
Dentist in Lostwithiel
NHS Dentistry Crisis

A Government of decay

98% of dentists in Cornwall are not accepting new NHS patients, so 10s of 1000s of Cornish residents can only see a dentist if they pay privately. The resulting disease, pain and anxiety could all be prevented if the Government fixed the broken system.

14 Feb 2024