A38 Safety

All talk and no action on A38

SEC's Tory MP has a long-track record of calling for “something to be done”, but she has repeatedly failed to ask the right questions at the right time. 14 years after her election, there is still no funding in place for key safety measures on the A38.

24 Jan 2024
Clmate Emergency
Climate and Environment

Don't mention the climate emergency!

An emergency is “a serious and dangerous situation requiring immediate action”. Whilst Labour and the Conservatives run away from the problem, the Liberal Democrats are committed to taking real action.

17 Jan 2024
WInd Turbine
Climate and Environment

Time to tell the truth about climate inaction

It's time for Cornwall Councillors to tell the truth: Our target for Cornwall to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 is now completely impossible ... due to Tory inaction and even policies counter to the intent!

10 Jan 2024